Information about Script Licensing

Tide High and Low, Inc. licenses its scripts for tide, moon, and sun predictions.

If you have a website that needs tide predictions for more than 25 locations we would be interested in helping you.

We customize our script output to match in look your website format. That way a visitor remains at your website visually.

You are responsible for creating the location selection page. We provide you the information needed to properly link to the customized script. We have programs that will "stuff" location information into your HTML code if you have many locations of interest. You would still be responsible for the final location selection page creation.

Your banner and vertical advertisements would be on your customized script output. Pop-up advertisements may not work.

You too can have a customized tide, moon, and sun prediction script output.

Note that the scripts are not for sale and cannot be used for a mobile phone application. Also note that format changes are a new expense.

If you have any questions contact Tide High and Low, Inc., email:

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